Heaven's Gate Initiation Tapes

Heaven's Gate Initiation Tapes


2 years
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The first 1hr. 27min. are of ACTUAL initiation tapes where cult leader Do talks to the camera. The first was made in 1997 5 days before the suicides, trying to convince members to commit suicide in order to join a spaceship behind the comet, driven by his father, God/Te. The second was made in September 1996 to explain their religious beliefs. The last 30 minutes is news footage during the aftermath including on-site footage, interviews with experts, and analysis referencing the tapes.

Do offers his title for the video at 00:00:40 to about 00:01:20 if you are curious.

Watch it to be fascinated, watch it for its historical significance. Reminds me of Triumph of the Will in a way, putting us so close -in the same room, face to face- with one of history's great psychopaths. He's as charismatic as people say and it's easy to see how one could get sucked into his world of pseudo-philosophical mysticism if they allow it. He builds safeguards into what he says, telling people not to talk about the beliefs or people will try to convince them to wait for Heaven on Earth, which will be too late since the Earth is going to be recycled. He also distorts scripture, claiming it tells you to hate everyone and everything on Earth - and he would know, he claims to be Do/Jesus/Son of God after all.


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